Getting There

From The Denver Airport to the Condo

Winter Park is about 100 miles from Denver International Airport. Follow the highway (Pena Blvd.) out of the airport about 10 miles to I-70 (ignore E-470). Take I-70 west, through the city of Denver and into the mountains. Exit at mile 232, onto US 40 west. Be sure to obey the speed limit in the town of Empire. Speeding tickets are the town’s top income generator. It is also the home of the “original” Hard Rock Cafe.

Stay on US 40 over the Berthoud Pass. (Note: in winter, the pass is often snow covered and slippery after sundown.) Continue past the Mary Jane and Winter Park ski area entrances, through the town of Winter Park, and into the town of Fraser which is two miles beyond the town of Winter Park. At the traffic light (ALCO on left, Safeway on right) turn right. Follow the road past the Safeway and then around and up the hill. At the top, go straight through the first intersection and proceed to the stop sign. At the stop sign turn left and then right into the parking area for Court 25.

Note: Colorado is in the Mountain Time Zone.

Back to the Airport

If you are returning a rental car, assume 2 hours from condo to the rental car return lot. You should arrive there at least 2 hours before the departure time for your flight. Add 60 minutes if departing to the airport on Sunday afternoon/evening. Add 15 minutes when there is snow on the pass.

If you are returning via van service, they will set the pick up time in order to get you to the airport on time. Jim Thompson 2012